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Print/Digital File Purchase:

Most photographs from this website are available for sale, while prints with several pre-defined sizes and media can be ordered directly from this site. Details are listed in each gallery.

Some photographs are not for sale from this site, only limited prints will be available for sale through personal contact.

For photographs sale from this site, quite often, people have asked me whether they can purchase large prints or digital files of my photographs that are not in the selling lists of this site. This is certainly possible. Please contact me via Contact page with your requirement.

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Photography Workshops:

With an increasing people's interest in my photography, I am delighted to announce that now I start to offer landscape photography workshops to enthusiasts who like to experience the magic moments of our amazing landscapes as well as want to improve their photography techniques to a new level.

With my unique and extensive photography expertise in New Zealand, I am providing the following specific photography workshop/photo tour to suit requirements from all different interest groups:
  • New Zealand Photography Workshop/Photo tour: New Zealand, especially its South Island, offers a wide range of landscape photography opportunities from sea to summit. In last a few years, I have been exploring New Zealand, both South and North Islands, in great details for making stunning landscape photographs. For this workshop, the number of participants will be limited, and the workshop/photo tour time and duration will depend on various factors.

Contact me if you are interested in these photography workshops.

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