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Red Horizon

Red Horizon

Red soils, white gum trees and amazing night sky are probably the three most unique natural features of the central of Western Australia - a state where its area is more than 1/3 of the entire Australia. To capture an image which contains all these three features at the same time, would need a careful plan and extensive search and scouting, as well as a bit luck. I was quite lucky to make this happen during my recent trip to Western Australia. However, I have to say that Western Australia is just big, within a national park, quite often, from one place to another could be easily 100+ km apart.

As we did not carry extra petrol with us, we had to drive 100+ km to fill petrol for our 4DW in the middle of the trip. I should also mention that the Milky Way in Western Australia is just incredibly beautiful - it looked so close as if I could touch it, so many details of the Milky Way I could capture using my D850 with 14-24mm f/2.8 lens. I will definitely come back again to this amazing place in near future.

This image was a result from 18 shots in vertical format at 18mm.