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Night Sky over Blue Mountains

Night Sky over Blue Mountains

I discovered this place during my trekking in Blue Mountains. I calculated a perfect moment for shooting the Milky Way crossing over the two giant rock walls. I realised that I only had 4 days for taking such Milky Way shot at this position. So on the last day, I camped one night along the rocky edge and made this shot.

From a technical viewpoint, this image consisted of 12 shots during 10:00 - 11:30pm. 6 shots with 14mm vertical frame captured the entire Milky Way crossing the rock walls, then after that, I took other 6 shots, also with 14mm vertical frames, to capture the lower part of the mountains, using long exposure (6 min exposure + 6 min noise reduction), and lower ISO.

Here are technical data for the shots: for the Milky Way: ISO6400, 20s, 14mm, f/2.8; for the mountains: ISO1250, 6min, 14mm, f/4.0.