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Yileen Canyon

Yileen Canyon

Canyoning is a popular sport in the Greater Blue Mountains Region, Australia. However, most of Blue Mountains canyons are not easy to access, they usually require long distance tracking to the entry point of the canyon, follow with a number of abseils and then swim to cross various pools. Canyoning with photography gear is even more difficult - in addition to the extra 15kg+ weight, one major difficulty to keep cameras and lenses absolutely dry. Having couple of experiences of photographing Blue Mountains canyons earlier, I found the most effective way to carry camera gear to canyons is to use Pelican case, though the case itself is a bit heavy.
In March 2021, I explored Yileen Canyon.
Yileen Canyon is a section of Yileen Gully in the Blue Mountains. To access it, one needs a few abseils, wear wetsuit, and swim in a few canyon channels. It is not the hardest canyon in the Blue Mountains, but by carrying all my equipment, it still took us 7 hrs from the trailhead to reach this position. After this, there was a long abseil over 50 meters high.
It took us almost 11 hours to complete the whole canyon trip, but this photo was the best reward.