Photography Workshops and Photo Tours



With my unique and extensive photography expertise and mountain experiences in New Zealand and Patagonia, I am providing the following specific photography workshops and photo tours: 

  • New Zealand Photography Workshops and Photo Tours: New Zealand, especially its South Island, offers a wide range of landscape photography opportunities from sea to summit. In last a few years, I have been exploring New Zealand, both South and North Islands, in great details for making stunning landscape photographs. For this workshop, the number of participants will be limited, and the workshop/photo tour time and duration will depend on various factors. So far, my New Zealand Photography Workshops in 2019 have been all sold out.

Cathedral CoveCathedral CoveThis Cathedral Cove is located in Hahei coast, about 2 hours drive from Auckland towards south east direction. Arriving in this place before 4.30am, I looked into the beautiful sky through this magic arch.

It was also a super test of my patience to make this incredible image during the two hours of witnessing such a magic moment.

This photo has been published on 1X.

This photo has also been selected by Photo.Net as Photo of the Day on August 9 2013.

This photo has been selected to the finalist of the 2014 Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year.

This photo has won the Curator's Award on 1x in October 2015.

  • Patagonia Photography Workshop: I have unique and extensive photography and mountain climbing experiences in Patagonia since 2015. This workshop is designed for people who already have essential photography knowledge and are willing to take challenges in wild and remote mountain areas in Patagonia. This workshop will require participants to have certain fitness and experience for backpacking. So far, my Patagonia Photography Workshops in 2020 and 2021 have been all sold out.

View from the GorgeView from the GorgeTaken this image outside El Chalten. The beautiful sunset sky with reflection on the river down the gorge formed a leading line toward the Fitz Roy peaks.

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