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Deep in the Forest

Deep in the Forest

Blue Mountains have so many hidden treasures. Most of times, people usually would ignore such unique beauty of Blue Mountains because they may look nothing special, compared with many other famous mountain ranges in the world. But this is not true. I always believe that every part in nature has its own feature and beauty, it is up to us how we see them.

Waiting for rainfalls is my pre-condition to take photographs in Blue Mountains. For making this image, I have waited several weeks and finally the waterfalls and creeks become so vivid after a heave rainfall.

This is a panorama image consists of nearly 60 successive single shots and covers a 180-degree wide view. The image was a result of 9 portrait frames at 14mm wide focal length, while for each frame I took 9 shots in order to avoid any out of focus in the frame as the foreground is very close to my camera, some parts were as close as less than 40cm. So focal stacking and frame merging are needed during the post process.